Released Logs from the Oklahoma Corporation Commission

  Under a long-standing cooperative and contractual arrangement between the Oklahoma City Geological Society (OCGS) and the Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC), logs which have been submitted by operators to the OCC for required public release have been provided to the OCGS for scanning on behalf of the OCC.  This process continues under the MCGL.  On a regular basis, MCGL staff picks up from the OCC the newly released logs, scans them and returns to the OCC digital log images.  The hard copy originals are then delivered by MCGL staff to the Oklahoma Geological Survey in Norman for permanent retention.  Lists of released logs are subsequently posted in this location after MCGL processing and are also immediately uploaded to the MCGL Digital Library where subscribers are able to view/download them (well before they can be accessed from commercial services or the State).  The logs are also printed and filed in the Library's log files where they are available to Library members and other Library users.

NOTE: As of April 1, 2016, with a reduced log submission volume due to the drop in drilling activity, the Corporation Commission is now releasing logs on a bi-weekly basis instead of weekly.

Below are links to individual spreadsheets for the most recent four batches of released logs and a cumulative year-to-date logs released spreadsheet (which includes those logs in the previous four batches).  The spreadsheet data is sorted in ascending order by township and range from ECM, NE, NW, SE to SW.