We would like to formally recognize and graciously thank the following individuals and companies for their tax-deductible donations to the Mid-Continent Geological Library.  A total of $60,216.33 has been contributed to date.  Unless earmarked for other purposes, all contributions are being used to cover the cost of scanning and indexing our library's data collection to get the records online and accessible in our digital library (  Please consider making a donation and have your name and/or company listed below!
Donors to date, in alphabetical order:
Trey Boardman - Austin 
Emily Campbell/Dunlap Codding P.C. - Oklahoma City
Carrera Energy LLC - Midland 
Citizen Energy II, LLC - Tulsa
Jason Currie - Oklahoma City
Herb & Shirley Davis - Norman
Les Lea Fancher - Oklahoma City
Joe Foster - Oklahoma City
Chuck Grapes - Oklahoma City
Jason Hamilton - Oklahoma City 
Harold W. Hanke - Oklahoma City
John Gage/Inland Production - Oklahoma City
Kenneth S. Johnson - Norman
John and Katherine Kapchinske - Edmond
Le Norman Operating, LLC - Oklahoma City 
Michael Lichtenwalter/Pyramid Exploration, LLC - Oklahoma City
MAP Royalty Inc. - Oklahoma City/Palo Alto
Cameron McLain - Oklahoma City
Stan R. Morris - Houston
Randy Nelson - Edmond 
Vincent Nowaczewski - Chandler
Jami M. Poor - Oklahoma City
Suzanne M. Rogers - Oklahoma City
Dale Shipley - Oklahoma City
Mike Smith/Weston Resources - Oklahoma City
John Spaid - Edmond 
Mark Specketer - Scottsdale 
J Todd Stephenson - Edmond
Robert Stephenson - Oklahoma City
Scott Taylor - Amarillo 
Pat Tolson - Edmond 
Henry Trattner - Oklahoma City
Turney Energy - Arcadia 
John Vance/Lasser Inc - Oklahoma City 
Dale Whybark - Oklahoma City